Additions and Subtractions

Double Digits & Triple Digits Additions and Subtractions

In this level you will be learning the second sets of formulas ‘Big Friend Less Order’ for less one to less nine will be thought to you, and you will be doing single digits addition and subtraction sums based on the formula.

The ‘Mental Arithmetic’ technique will be continued by which you can do sums calculations mentally without using physical abacus.

Abacus Maths Level Two Course Content

Abacus Maths Level Two Course Material

  • Big friend less order formulas (-1 to -9)
  • Single digit addition and subtraction sums based on formula.
  • Activity book hard copy
  • Instruction book soft copy
  • Text book soft copy
  • Online video/tutorials link for viewing only
  • Weekly learning schedule soft copy

Abacus Maths Level Two Course Duration

  • The course has been designed to get completed within period of three months.
  • If the course is to be studied as per weekly learning schedule.

Abacus Maths Level Two Online Examination

  • After completion of all the course and books students can appear for online examination..
  • If student wish to appear for examination he can enroll/register for the online examination.

Abacus Maths Level Two Online Certification

  • After completion of course and successful passing of online examination student will be given that level completion certificate.

Abacus Maths Level Two Online Course Instruction

  • Students has to strictly follow the weekly schedule which will be given to them in order to complete the course in time.
  • Every week lessons/topics videos will be available in online video/tutorials link for reference and learning. Students can watch the video and learn the topics.
  • Students can also refer to the text book which are given to them for further understanding the weekly lessons/topics.
  • After learning the topic that weeks activity as per given in schedule should be completed in the given activity book, then only proceed to next topic.

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